If I am correct, the amount of smart phones being used is increasing to the point most people have a smart phone rather than a simple one. I can't find exact numbers to match this assertion. But my untrained eye seems to see most of the people with a smart phone (At least in some areas). That of cou... [More]
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Great. Remind me to actually backup the site.  
If anyone happens to have a copy of the lost content, please do, send it.  
Have a nice day,
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This post is messy, you have been warned. I've written it from middle to end to start to what so ever -- And didn't think like making it make sense.  
For those who fear of using their UFD too much because of the copy limit issues. Please stop worrying [Unless your device is too old]. If you'd writ... [More]
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Since I have reinstalled my Arch due to the hardware failure, I didn't manage to get the IPv6 running even though I wanted. So I finally tried today again. After a couple of failed attempts and a couple others that didn't fail like I thought, everything is running.  
For the attempts that worked bu... [More]
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Today people started to think emails are fast and should be at their destination in a couple of minutes top. Some systems even limit their activation links to 15 minutes considering how fast people got used to it.  
Though it wasn't always that way, to me, email is slow and should get to the destinat... [More]
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HDD Fried

by bug
Ok, note to self, never have temperature monitoring disabled in the BIOS. 2 HDD's seem to have taken over heat. Lost EVERYTHING. Because I was backing up on the other HDD all the time. Didn't think I'd have both fail on me like that at once. So if anyone got anything that he know's I've most likely ... [More]
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Logitech got some decent hardware when it comes to webcams. I had them in use for a while [well, not me personally, I hardly use it].  
Either way, it seems Logitech gone a tad weird stopping their support for some of their webcams. Ones that are still decent hardware and better from those random one... [More]
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As title suggests... search engines... well they basically search.  
Anyway, lately I was trying to decide which search engine I like the most. The options are... Scroogle, DuckDuckGo and IXQuick. Each has it's own advantages and disadvantages. But all have in common, real privacy. Each of them as ... [More]
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What did I ask for? Just a simple music player capable of playing MP3's out of MicroSD [I'd go for Ogg Vorbis, but it would make it more expensive].  
But no. I don't get what I need. I did get a player that plays MP3 out of MicroSD al-right. But it does not work the way I had in mind. What I wanted ... [More]
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We all know [or don't know] that internet access for the bank is pretty risky [Yet it is risky to do so by phone and even if you only allow doing so only by visiting the bank directly]. For for our matter, lets just say we are fine with being able to access the bank via the internet.  
An Israeli b... [More]
Posted at 2010/05/23 16:26:59 GMT+2 | 0 Comments
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